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Eagle’s Landing was founded in 1987 when Mark Yardley purchased his first gas station at the north exit on the east side of Beaver, Utah. The station had a few pumps, no convenience store or tire shop, and required customers to pay inside after pumping their fuel. Over time, the station was rebranded as a Chevron and expanded into a larger operation.

In 1992, Mark purchased a rundown Phillips 66 across the north exit on the west side, which became the formal establishment of Eagle’s Landing and ultimately became the Flying J truck stop it is today. In 2004, the company expanded 90 miles north to Scipio, Utah, building a new truck stop that opened as another Eagle’s Landing in 2005 and became the company’s second Flying J in 2008. This expansion created new jobs and was well-received by the local community.
For many years, the company had only these three locations and was successful without much growth. In 2017, Mark decided to change the company’s direction and embark on a whirlwind of expansion. From 2017 to the present, Eagle’s Landing has built or acquired seven more Pilot Flying J Travel Plazas in five other states, including Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Iowa, and Kansas.
What started as a one-man operation with Mark’s family helping out has grown to over 300 employees. The goal of Eagle’s Landing is to become a traveler’s favorite stop for business trips, vacations, or Sunday afternoon drives, with each visit to one of their locations being more enjoyable than the last.

Meet The Team

Providing first-class experiences in Customer Service, Cleanliness, and Convenience.


Mark Yardley

Founder & CEO

Mark has a wealth of experience in owning and operating Travel Plazas, gas stations, tire shops, and motels. High Country Chevron store was bought in 1987, in 2013 he remodeled it to become a beautiful 8,000+ square foot building that has 12 gas pumps, a tire center and a hot deli.

In 1991 Mark opened up Eagle’s Landing in Beaver, UT. After a couple of remodels, it boasts 10 gas pumps, 4 RV diesel pumps and 6 lanes for Semi-trucks. This location has a tire center and a Valerie’s Taco shop and Cinnabon. In 1993 Mark built and operated a Wendy’s franchise located on this property.

In 2008 Mark built and operates a Days Inn motel across from the Travel Plaza in Beaver. In 2004 Mark bought land in Scipio Utah and built a brand-new travel plaza with 12 gas pumps, 5 diesel bays for semi-trucks. This location has a Dairy Queen inside the store and a tire center on the property.


The Mark J Yardley Story

Our Management Team

Our Management Team members are essential to our success, and we value all of their contributions.

Scott Stuart 082f93bc

Scott Stuart


35 years of Travel Center, Convenience, and Grocery Store Retail experience.

CaryHuff a5088ca0

Cary Huff

VP of Sales & Merchandising

24 years of Travel Plaza and Convenience Store experience.

Asa Hazelwood

Asa Hazelwood

VP Business Development

60 years of Truck Stop Experience as an Owner, Executive, Manager, and Employee.

chrisstanger 31fe4439

Chris Stanger

Chief Financial Officer

25 years of Travel Plaza Accounting and Systems Development experience and 10 years Healthcare Financial Accounting experience.

Cash Yardley 22 1 0e2ac13b

Cash Yardley

Site Owner

3 years of Management and Accounting experience and 7 years of Tire Shop experience.

sarahjeantaylornoel 54799ec2

Jean Noel

Administrative Assistant

24 years accounting experience and 3 years of Truck Stop experience.

Mike Pence 104e1fe6

Mike Pence

Director of Food and Beverages

45 years of Restaurant Experience and 4 years Truck Stop Food experience.

Cameron Noel

Cameron Noel

Dir. of Safety and Security

32 years in Law Enforcement and Corrections. 5 years in Travel Plaza Prevention and Security.

Christopher England 367a8483

Christopher England

Director of Marketing

22 years Travel Plaza and Convenience Store experience and 14 years Graphic Design.

daidreethompson 82b9f8b4

Daidree Thompson

Accounts Payable/Receivable

6 years Management experience and 2 years Truck Stop experience.

DaveEichorn 53bec6a6

Dave Eichorn

Contractor - Building Director

22 years of experience.

Smila Atkin e90dbe3f

Smila Atkin

Accounts Payable

10 years of Management experience and 6 years of Retail Purchasing experience.

Kenny d93359c7

Kenny Huff

General Manager

26 years of Truck Stop and Convenience Store experience.

bea2 97b3c58a

Bea Reynolds

General Manager

23 years of Management experience.

JordonOswald be3a08a1

Jordon Oswald

General Manager

5 years of Truck Stop and Convenience Store experience.

Cassie Abarca scaled

Cassie Lisonbee

General Manager

13 years of Management Experience, 3 Years Truck Stop experience.

robbyruss be3ffa14

Robby Russ

General Manager

30 years Management and 8 years Truck Stop experience.

amymillercopy 36447206

Amy Miller

General Manager

27 years of C-Store Management, Retail, and Food Management experience.

EricHoyle 3c1ba2a7

Eric Hoyle

General Manager

3 years of Truck Stop and Convenience Store experience.

Karla Condos copy 09161a37

Karla Condos

General Manager

35 years of Retail and Food Management experience and 3 years of Truck Stop experience.

Ron Sanchez bfddb7e8

Ron Sanchez

General Manager

20 years of Restaurant experience and 8 years Truck Stop experience.

Katie Fabert

Katie Falbert

General Manager

15 years of Food Service and Management experience, 1 year of Truck Stop experience.

JordanMcMullin 0c215277

Jordan McMullin

Tire GM

9 years of Tire Shop experience.

Dawn Reiser 631d1f24

Dawn Reiser

QSR Manager

10 years of Food and Beverage and 7 years of Truck Stop experience.

conchabrookins 8950d1c0

Concha Brookins

QSR Manager

5 years of Subway Management.

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